Tips for buying bully sticks for your dog

A bully stick is a single ingredient beef tendon that will occupy your dog for a long time. Dogs naturally love to chew on things. It is a great way for them to release energy and at the same time keep their teeth and gums healthy.

Each batch of bully sticks is slow roasted and made without artificial colors, additives or preservatives. Bully sticks must be all natural made of 100% pure beef and free of any hormones or addictive components.

Manufacturer of the productdog

Knowing the manufacturer is critical, or instance, bully sticks made in usa happen to be amongst the best, hence wise to choose a US based manufacturer. They are free range and grass fed, antibiotic free the way nature intended them to be.Bully sticks must be free range, without any pesticides or drugs or chemicals in them.

Different selections

When selecting your bully stick apart from looking at the ingredients, you have a broad range of choices as bully sticks come in various shapes and forms. There are different types of width and lengths for each bully stick. They come in 6 to 12 inches and come in a variety of styles to suit every type of dog you may own. There are also slim, regular and jumbo options. The jumbo chew sticks are fit for top chewers and giant dogs.


Many chew sticks on the market are not safe as they don’t digest well. If a dog bites a big piece of their treat, it may not degrade properly in their stomach, and this may cause indigestion, stomach problems, food poisoning and even may cause diarrhea.Hard chewing treats can cause a choking hazard, especially for smaller dogs. Therefore, make sure to use caution when providing such treats for smaller dogs.


How long do they last? This depends on the size of your dog. A husky will probably chew harder than a Chihuahua. Therefore you might be better off purchasing a thicker bully stick. The thickness and length of the stick are what makes it last longer.

Different varieties

There are some different flavors. For example, the bully stuffed shin bone has a mixture of brown rice and provides the dog with various flavors. Beef jerky chews are high in glucose, which is extremely valuable for healthy joints in general.

Therefore, you would not need to give your dogs any medications to strengthen their joints. Also, some bully sticks are high in protein, which is an added benefit for your dog’s health. The bully sticks come in various quantities, and the price differs depending on the amount and quality of the sticks you order.

Further studies on fish and what they need

Fish are simply magical creatures. Simply put, they go the extra mile and bewilder our eyes with their moves in the water. They are always ready with their bag of tricks just to amaze us. With time, we find ourselves clapping our hands in pleasure. Our love for fish doesn’t end here; it begins right at the snap of a finger.

Our readiness and willingness to always watch them and study their movements is praiseworthy. We have to be on our toes and watch out for the newest tricks that they have up their sleeves. The best part is that they are natural and don’t have to make anything up. We have been on the lookout for the longest time. We just feel it in our bones that we are ready to have them on a long-term basis.

What it takes

unique fishKeeping fish takes a lot of patience because they may not fit into our expectations. While we watched them, they seemed so beautiful to behold that we had no qualms about their friendship. Keeping fish takes a lot of sacrifices. You have to sacrifice your time just to make sure that they are comfortable in every sense of the word. This might not be too comfortable for us. That is what sacrifice is all about.

Keeping fish also requires us to make plenty of changes. These changes will be beneficial to both the fish as well as ourselves. Some of these changes include the sleeping hours. We might be called upon to wake up in the middle of the night to feed them. And of course, we have to be sensitive with all their other needs. You can Our source of inspiration

Fish have a sense of obligation that most of us long to have. They are always moving around their tanks for some reason. Watching them will be the inspiration that you have been longing for all this while. On the flip side, we all long for a different kind of inspiration every day. Having different personalities, we have different reasons to find inspiration in fish. To some of us, it could be the way they wind their bodies around.. This is in complete contrast to the tough conditions that surround them every once in a while.

None of us can ever attest to a point where we saw fish looking terrified of an upcoming stir in their territory. They always have their graceful way of overcoming their fear.

Further studies

fish in tankOur minds keep telling us that we are knowledgeable enough to handle it. The truth is that we still have a lot of polishing up to do. There is still so much to learn as well as apply. We are always better off when we strive to add something to our existing stock.

Our pet fish should always be our case of study at every opportunity we get. As w have mentioned earlier, they always have something new to show to us. What we knew about them can be safely sent to the archives of our minds. This will make room for fresh studies.

Another thing about different species of fish is that they can sense new people. They will always show you when they are not comfortable with someone or something. This should prompt you to act fast.

A complete guide to dog accessories

If you are planning to get a pup either from a friend, breeder or a shelter it is worthy to note that there are some accessories that you will need to have. This will help facilitate the dogs stay at your home. They are necessities that the dog will be using. Some of the accessories are a need and one will start using them immediately. Others will come in handy with time as one learns more about their pup. The accessories can be classified as supplies that one needs and optional supplies which can be accessories to style the dog, for training, for play or to make the dog more comfortable.

Guide to dog accessories

Food bowl

This an essential item that one needs to have. The dog needs to be eating and to drink. One rebowlquires to have two bowls, one for food the other for water. The dog bowl needs to be selected in accordance with the size of the dog, for instance, a big dog will require large bowls and a small pup, a tiny bowl. It is important that the dog is able to identify their bowls as their own. Look for bowls that are made of quality material. Bowls will vary in characteristics such as flexible material for bowls that are foldable, anti-slip, bowls for dogs with different characteristics like long ears. One needs to choose bowls that will suit their dogs need.

Collar, leash and tag

These accessories help in ensuring the security and safety of their pup. Collars are chosen according to the dog’s size. They should be comfortable for the dog that is neither too tight or too wide. The leash should also be long enough for the dog to get used to at first and also to help as the owner leads the dog when they go for walks to be able to adjust the length. A tag is also important in identifying the dog. Let the tag be engraved with the dog’s name, your address and phone number. Collars and leashes are available in different colors and sizes for one to choose.


The dog will need a place to sleep. This should be a cozy bed that they can snuggle up in. They also vary in size and material used. Look for a quality product that will work for you and the dog.


Toys are made to keep the dogs busy, help them expend their energy and stimulate them. They also help improve the owner’s relationship with their pup. There are a wide selection of toys available for one to select and buy.

Grooming accessories

groomingOne needs to get grooming accessories for their dog, for most dogs require regular grooming. Some dogs will need trimming after a few weeks others will require proper washing and shampooing. Grooming products will include brushes, nail