Sleeping And Snoring

Snoring occurs due to the vibration of the tissue that lines the mouth, nose, and throat when we breathe in our sleep. This happens because of blockages caused by the passage due to the relaxation of the muscles that hold it open. It is has been found to occur in about 42% of adults. Found to be more common in men, if you happen to have this problem, here are four tricks on how to stop snoring.

Stop Snoring

Get A Daily Dose of Exercise

erdftghzxExercise can help in maintaining your body weight but more importantly, moving the legs, arms and abs help to strengthen the muscles of the air passage which help to reduce snoring. There are exclusive exercises for the throat that can assist in this task so by regularly following these exercises; your throat muscles will increase in strength, and your snoring will soon come to an end.

Keep Nasal Passages Clear

Nasal passages should be kept clear at all cost. You can consult your doctor and check if it is an allergy or sinusitis that is causing the snoring and get some spray which can clean your nasal passages and allow free passage of air in and out. When there is a clear passage for breathing, then there will be no snoring. If you suffer from nasal collapse then using a dilator strip which is adhesive, over your nose, to keep the airways open can prevent snoring.

Change Your Sleeping Posture To Sideways

rdfgxcWhen you sleep on your back, the air passage runs the risk of being blocked by the tissue in the mouth, throat, and chin. This is another factor that gives rise to snoring. However, by sleeping on your side, the air passage remains clear and open so the air passes through easily and there is no snoring.

Try Keeping your Mouth Closed

If you are a person who keeps your mouth open and snores through the mouth, you can prevent yourself from snoring by ensuring your mouth remains shut while sleeping. This can be done in numerous ways, for instance, by using a specially designed mouth guard at night. However, if you are a victim of snoring that originates due to the tongue, get yourself a mandibular advancement device as this will make sure your tongue is always kept away from your throat thus moving your jaw forward and preventing a blockage.