How to Benefit from Lemon Law

Lemon laws are US-based laws that protect consumers who purchase defective vehicles or other products with a warranty. You have the right to file a claim if the defective car or product does not improve despite several repairs. A lemon law attorney can be helpful in such a case. You can hire Nevada lemon law attorney if you are from the Western US state. To benefit from the law, you need to prove that your car is a defective vehicle. Common requirements include:

  • a substantial defect seriously affecting the use, value, or safety of the car that appears within one or two years after a specific mileage;
  • a minimum number of visits to a mechanic within a period after purchase for the same problem; or a specified number of alternate days out of service due to various problems;
  • arbitration between the manufacturer and the consumer.

In jurisdictions that require arbitration, the consumer must normally request the arbitration procedure established by the manufacturer of the particular vehicle. The established process could involve the intervention of a state consumer protection agency or Better Business Bureau, or it can be as seemingly one-sided as programs run internally by the manufacturer or the National Automobile Dealers Association.

Whatever thelemon law attorney panel configuration, you generally must issue a decision within sixty days. The decision will include a finding as to whether the vehicle is defective, and if so, what relief the buyer should receive. Normally, the interceding decision ties up the manufacturer legally.

To help strengthen your case, make sure all your receipts and service and warranty paperwork are available. Vehicle advertisements and brochures can provide more evidence for your defective car claim in lemon law.

How a Lemon Law Attorney Can Help

An attorney in a defective car law case can make the initial determination as to whether or not a particular purchase is covered by the law. If there is coverage, the attorney can contact the seller or manufacturer and try to resolve the issue in negotiation. If no agreement is reached, the attorney can initiate a civil lawsuit on behalf of the client.

Choosing the Right One


You should look for an experienced lemon law attorney for your case. Consider their years of practice and the number of claims they have won before.

Legal Fees

You can also consider the amount a specific lemon law attorney is charging for this service. Highly experienced attorneys tend to charge more, so you should be ready to pay extra to win your claim. You can compare the rates to choose one who is charging reasonably.


Different online reviewslemon law can help you identify the best lemon law attorney. You will come across important information, such as the number of successful cases they have won. Go through them carefully to choose the best. You can also get referrals from those who have managed to hire them at one point.