The future of video games

Video games have been around for decades with kids and adults playing them on a regular basis. We all know that many people wait for the next best release when it comes to an Xbox or a Playstation. These gadgets have come a long way since the first handheld devices we played as kids. But what is the future of video games, you can read the prediction by TVGB and also check out what we think will happen to the world of video games.

Virtual reality

The latest developments in technology have seen virtual reality coming to every aspect of our lives. Whether it is watching a movie or playing a game, it helps you get immersed in the experience. Many new models of VR headsets with advanced features being rolled out on a daily basis. They are becoming really cheap owning to Chinese companies producing them too. But this is not the only area that video games are changing.

Faster internet and clouds

We all remember the dial-up modems of the 80’s that took forever to load a single web page. But now, many people have access to broadband internet in some for or the other. Smartphones are getting to be a necessity now, and with the processing power packed into these devices, one can play a 3D game with ease. There are many new technologies that are being put in place that can bring the internet to the most remote areas on the planet.


In the past, we have buttons, joysticks and combo controls. Now, we see wearable devices that make you interact with the game by using your entire body. Some are similar to an exoskeleton that will require you to run, move your hands and head in order to play the game that is in 3D and viewed through your virtual reality goggles. However, you will need an open space when you wear these devices.

Where will we be in 10 years

video games featureThe way technology is developing; we may soon see a lot of things disappearing. Just like Betamax gave way to DVD’s game consoles may have to become obsolete to pave the way for the next generation of gaming which will be more that just looking a screen while sitting on a chair or sofa. You will have a full, lifelike experience that will involve physical movements which will help avoid the inactivity brought on by current video games.