Types of Street Foods You Need to Try in Japan

When most people think of Japan, they think of different things such as advanced technology, fantastic culture, scenic views, and a country of unique foods packed into one state. Street food in Japan tends to be one of the exciting things that most tourists like in Tokyo. Japan is one of the developed countries with delicious cuisines that the world has ever seen. Therefore, whenever you visit Japan, you are guaranteed to find various foods you never knew that they exist.

If you plan to tour Japan, make sure you have enough cash with you because this is street food, not a restaurant. One of the things you need to know is that street foods vary by region, and it is well worth visiting Japan to gain a complete experience and understanding of its food culture. In our post today, we will help you understand some of the best streets food you need to try once you visit Japan. Here are the foods.


takoyakiTakoyaki is one of the typical street food you will get while in Japan. It is a doughy ball of savory that you can get in most side-street stalls and restaurants. Depending on your taste, you can choose to buy a Takoyaki filled with tiny tempura and octopus.

It is a cheap and delicious meal you need to eat while in Japan. It might not sound amazing when eating for the first time but be assured that you will be amazed at what you have eaten once it gets fried with your favorite gold color.


If you need to eat sugary foods, then Dango is the correct type of food you need to eat. It is a sweet dumpling that is made from glutinous rice flour. Even if it is a singular ball, most vendors you will get in the streets stick them three to five balls. Note that you can find Dango in specific types depending on your preferences and taste.


yakitoriAnother delicious and best street food you will find in Japan is Yakitori. Most people and tourists prefer Yakitori because it is fast to prepare, easy to eat, and delicious. It is a chicken that has been grilled on a stick. Even if it sounds simple, there are various ingredients used in the preparation of Yakitori. Charcoal is used, and it gets into the chicken to make the flavor better. In most of the streets in Tokyo, Yakitori is served with sticky sauce on the stick, which can bring the flavor out.