Tips To Use When Working With A Virtual Personal Assistant

Outsourcing the services of a personal assistant is a standard business practice. A company stands to gain a lot from outsourcing the services of a virtual PA as opposed to hiring one. With the services of a virtual PA, business owners can cut down on the wage bill and other associated costs such as those. Interestingly, as much as outsourcing the services of virtual PA has been proven to be beneficial to the business. However, some companies are still struggling to embrace this practice.

Working with a personal assistantholding paper

Have you hired a personal assistant before? In case this business concept is still new to you, there are certain things to know to make it a success. If you have outsourced admin services, here are some tips will improve the quality of your relationship with the personal assistant.

Explain your goals

Every business has some goals and objective. As a matter of fact, hiring them should be a smart move aimed at helping your business realize its goals. Thus, the first thing everyone should do after hiring them is to explain your goals. This is a good way of ensuring you are reading from the same page and steering your business in the right direction.


After you are sure that the PA understands what your business is all about, the next thing to do is to maintain clear communication. Here, you need to stick to some mode of communication that the two of you will be comfortable with. Constant communication is a good way of ensuring the two of your build some rapport.

Be open to suggestion

Considering that the PA has some experience in doing the tasks you have hired them for, you should also give them space to share with you some things they have learned with time. Ideally, communication should not be one way. You should be open to the ideas they have. Who knows, their thoughts could be what your business has always lacked over the years.

Provide feedback

writing feedbackAs both of you communicate, you need to provide valuable feedback regularly. This way, you always guide them to the right track or even offer them some encouragement. When providing feedback, it’s not all about being critical of what they do. Instead, you should be constructive to encourage them to work harder.

Working with a personal assistant is never complicated. With these tips, you will be sure of developing a solid working relationship to see your business grow. All said, you also need to look for the best virtual assistant to make everything a success.