Disadvantages Of Smoking Cigarette

According to research that was done by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, cigarette smoking is responsible for at least one in every five deaths in the US. Even after doctor warnings and negative advertisements concerning smoking on TV, some people find difficult to quit the act. Cigarette smoking is dangerous to a person’s health as most body organs are affected by the smoke.


Lung cancer

According to the Center for Disease Control research, 90 percent of lung cancer cases are as a result of smoking. Smokers have a 15-30% higher risk of getting lung cancer, unlike non-smokers. Even occasional smokers are at a danger of getting cancer.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

The biggest cause of COPD is smoking cigarettes. COPD is a result of chronically poor airflow which worsens over time. A person experiences shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing. The disease narrows airways causing lung tissues to break down. The condition does not improve with medicine, and a patient can only quit smoking. 90% of patients with COPD is a result of smoking.

Pregnancy Problems

pregnant woman Smoking is not only dangerous to your health, but it is also detrimental to your unborn child. All the risks you expose yourself to by smoking are transferred to the fetus. The unborn baby relies on its mother as the primary source of nutrients. If the nutrients are dangerous, then the child is exposed.

Heart and Blood Health

Smoking also affects your heart as well as lungs as it changes the structure of the blood vessels. Smoking causes plaque buildup within the blood vessels, which further restricts blood flow to other organs of the body. This condition is also known as “atherosclerosis” and is known to cause heart attacks among other peripheral artery diseases. Smoking interferes with the manner in which oxygen is transmitted in the body. It also causes blood clots which are dangerous especially when not caught on time.

Digestive Cancers

Smoking is a risk factor for a wide variety of gastrointestinal cancers including mouth, stomach, esophagus and larynx. Smokers are 30 times more risk of death as a result of laryngeal cancer, unlike non-smokers. Smoking is also associated with diseases such as Crohn’s disease, gallstones, and peptic ulcers.

Muscles and Bones

Tobacco is made up using poisonous chemicals that can interfere with the natural growth and development of muscles, bones and tissue cells. Since body tissues are unable to adequate blood supply, they heal poorly. This results in smokers being at a high risk of osteoporosis.

old man cartoonSmoking is dangerous to your health. To quit smoking, you can visit our website and access videos and tutorials on how to cut the habit. The tutorial also outlines the main triggers of tobacco use and provides strategies on how to avoid the triggers.